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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet Moments

This week we went and dropped off bread to a few people in our ward. It was a fun family activity, and it was nice to get to know people better in our ward. When we got done it was after 8, and Sadie fell asleep in the car. Jeff still had to feed the horse's, but Sydney had to go potty. So he dropped Syd and I off at the house, and we just left Sadie asleep in the car with him. After Sydney went potty she wanted a treat. I got her an oreo. Sydney hates the cookie part, but loves the cream. She always eats the cream and gives the cookie's to Sadie. Well Sadie was in the car, and I was willing to take that cookie for Sydney. I informed Sydney I would eat the cookie, and she yelled "NO SISTER". I laughed, and said okay. I went on to put things away, and get a few things done. A few minutes later I realized it was really quiet. I called for Sydney, with no response. I got nervous, and started looking everywhere. I decided she was not in the house, and ran outside. The horse's are about a half a mile from our house, so I figured there was no way should could be all the way there. I started running down the road, and almost to the horse's I saw a glimpse of Sydey!!! She ran all the way to the car to give Sadie the cookie!! Sweet Sweet girl!!

When we sit down for dinner we ask the girls who should say the prayer. It has always been Sydney who wants to help. Sadie just folds her arms, and loves saying Amen! Well on Thursday we asked who wanted to help with the prayer, and Sadie said she did! So Jeff helped her out, but she say every word he did! It melted my heart. I love has sweet she can be.

Jeff and I had the oppourtunity to go to the temple. While I was in the session there was this girl in front of me. She had Sydney's hair color, and I thought to myself I wonder if that is how Sydney is going to look like when she grows up. So after the in the dressing room after the session. I saw the girl who reminded me of Sydney. She was putting a name into the prayer box, and she turned to the side. It was then I realized that on the side of her bag was her name.....SYDNEY!!!!

In the car the girls and I love do to dance. We sing and dance, and basically have the time of our lifes. Sadie has always been an amazing lil rocker, but this week she has started breaking out in song!! It is so cute she totally was singing along. She melts my heart!!

This week at church while the song was over, but the sacrament bread was still being prepared. Sydney tapped me and pointed with her finger to the sacrament table, and said "look Jesus Christ"! The gosple is true! She helps me to realize that daily.

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