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Monday, January 13, 2014

A little about Scarlett D

    Know when Scarlett was in my belly. I swore up, and down, that I would do month shots. Well I attempted!! I will openly admit I failed. The first month I was on the ball. The next few months...not so much. So I am going to just talk about our squeaks! Scarlett is my baby. I love her so much. Of course I love Sydney, and Sadie, but squeaks has stolen my heart. I think this is due to our loss before. I have truly been blessed, with gratitude. Scarlett was not the easiest new born, and is still not the best sleeper. Squeaks, has always been sure of what she likes, and what she does not like. One thing that is a guarantee, is me!! She loves me!! Anytime I walk in the room, she squeals in delight. Anytime I leave the room, she screams with dismay. Jeff and I left her with Jeff's Step mom, so we could go to the temple. Now Lee Ann is amazing, and has had her fair share of children. Poor Lee Ann, could not get Scarlett to stop crying! Squeaks cried for 3 hours!! 3 hours, of crying! When I heard this I died! I felt so bad. Squeaks is determined, and won't just give up. Scarlett laughed at 2 months, this was the earliest of any of my girls. Squeaks loves the sound of water! The first several weeks of Scarlett's life, were spent, in a bouncer. With the bathtub running! She could be SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, and as soon as I turned on the water, she would stop crying, and fall asleep! It was my sanity.
Scarlett loves her sisters! Sydney is so good with her, and Squeaks lights up every time she hears her voice. Sadie, on the other hand.....loves her too much. When Scarlett hears Sadie, her lip starts to quiver, and she burst into tears. It is hilarious sad.    

Just as happy as can be                              
                                           This was my attempt, at the month shot
                                                     As I said Scarlett is determined, and she loves to wiggle out of her jammies in her sleep!

                                          That takes some serious skill

                                           Sometimes, this life is just too much!

Scarlett lights up my life. When I look into her deep blue eyes. I cannot help but tear up. she is perfect, healthy, and strong. What more could I ask for

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