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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas here and gone

Christmas this year was so fun!! Jeff, and I have always agreed Christmas would be Christ centered. This year it really was. I really thought the Elf on the Shelf, was such a cute idea. I just was not a fan of focusing so much on Santa. So, I came up with "Shepherds searching for Christ". I based it off of the bible account of Christ birth. It was awesome, because I did not have to do them every night. They would appear, here, and there. The girls LOVED it. They loved thinking about the Shepherds searching for baby Jesus. On Christmas Eve, I had lumineres line our driveway. Right by our garage door I set up a nativity with our Shepherds. The girls were thrilled! I cannot wait to continue this tradition. Jeff, and I found a trampoline on a black Friday ad. It was super cheap, but we really did not want to go stand in line. So on Friday morning I called Walmart, and asked if they had any more trampolines left. To our surprise, they still had some. Jeff headed down, When he got there, he asked an employee where they were. To his dismay, Jeff was told there were no more. I had only called 15 minutes prior, and Jeff was not taking no for a answer. Jeff explained to the employee, that we had JUST called. The employee told him,  " well if we had any, they would be back by the garden area". So Jeff headed that way. Much to his delight, Jeff found them!! The employee was just as shocked. They had forgot, to put out an entire pallet of trampolines!!! We were soo happy!! We stored it in our garage. On Christmas Eve, Jeff, and his brother were putting it together. Sydney sneaked outside, and exclaimed "Daddy, it is the trampoline I saw in the box, in the garage"!! Jeff died. I guess we doubted Sydney! Becoming a parent, has made Christmas so magical! We truly enjoyed opening presents in our own home, and taking our time as a family! 


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