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Friday, January 24, 2014


So you know that one song, by Taylor Swift, "Today, was a Fairytale"?......Ya, well that was NOT my day ;) So in hopes of making my bad day better, I decided to document it. So I could look back, and laugh.
This was the time we got downstairs, I had been up since 6, and the girls had been up since 8

We came down for some breakfast....
Story of my life!!! At least 3 spills occur at every meal. But how could I be mad at that face. So, I smile through the frustration. I say "Sadie you spilled". Sadie than says "Mama I spilled, but that that thats okay"

Scarlett decided to join the party. While I was changin squeaks diaper, I caught this gem!

Instead of hurrying on to the next task, I sat down, and played with my girls. This time of the year means runny nose's 24/7. Booger face, and all I still think she is the cutest EVER

I was paying far too much attention to Ms. Scarlett D. Sadie soon was informing me she needed a picta

We than headed into the bathroom to do some hair! I have no clue how I got all girls. Hair, and I don't usually get along


                                         Its a good thing they can pull of anything! At the moment I am out of rubber bands. I attempted to go get some at the dollar store. They were out!! So we are going on almost a month without them, and I know I need to bite the bullet and just go.

     We decided to go down stairs. The melt down begins! "Mama hold me" " I can't Sadie I got squeaks". So I than proceed down there stairs. "MAAAMMMAAA WWAAAIIIT FOOOR MEEE"                                            

We come down stairs. I glanced at the clock, and to my dismay realize it is only 10. The day has just begun

 In  hopes of passing the time I do some dish's. I am so grateful for our dishwasher! I kinda have a crush on it

 The sound track of me doing dish's, was Ms.Roo. "Mama you didn't wait for me", and .....

 .....Scarlett decided she did not want to be put down, AT ALL.


While Sadie, and Scarlett were sobbing I noticed nose's. As usual they were a runnin



Changing diapers is a common occurrence. I am hoping to have Sadie potty trained asap

 12, means the count down begins! 1 oclock is right around the corner. With 12, comes lunch, and with lunch comes more......

 .....Dish's!! I wondered why I even did them. Lunch time also means.......

Yup, you guessed it, SPILLS! Story of my life. Sadie spilled Sydney's water all over Syd's sandwich. Which resulted in 1 really sad Sydney  

Which resulted in a really overwhelmed mom! Which resulted in a cookie.....  

    While cleaning up the spill, and making lunch. This poor girl cried.  

At this point time begins to crawl. In hopes of helping time, to move along. We took a trip to the mail box's. Thank goodness we did. I got just the pick me   up I needed, and it reminded me to......

                                       BREATH ( just in the nik of time)  

                      By the time we got, nap time, was oh so near 

Sadie continued to whine

              So I pulled good old Dr.Seuss. We read some books, and I began to     realize that ....

                              "Sam", reminds me alot of my children....

                                        And I, am left feel like this poor fellow. "I do not like runny nose's,  I do not like them here or there, I do not like them Sam I am"

                                Alas bedtime was here! I was just a tad excited. Sadie on the other hand was not amused. Before bed, I did nose duty. 
                                             My day would not be normal without one more spill  

                                    I put them in bed....

                                    Trying my hardest not to do a happy dance

                      I wanted a green smoothie,but I burned out my blender,  sad day. 

                                         Cheerios were the next best thing!

                I put my feet up, and turned on a show. I did not move until.....

   Nap time seems to never come, but end of nap time always comes too soon!!

    Not going to lie, when they wake up. I get so giddy. I totally miss my crazy little girls! I love to smell them, and kiss their sweet cheeks. This is probably one of my favorite times of the day. We than play. My children think that monsters are coyotes, bunnies, fox, and deer. Here in this picture you will see Sadie being the hero, and "shocking", the coyotes( yes that is a thermometer cover)

   My children are gourmet chefs, and often feed me. I am one spoiled mama 

 This is another one of my favorite things! Nursing squeaks. I LOVE IT. I love the bond. I love that I can nourish her. I love that she snorts as she eats. I am so blessed to be able to nurse. She does it A TON, so it is a good thing I love it

   Sadie smothers Squeaks at least 100x a day!  Sadie gets so enthused with love, and is not sure how to contain it. So poor Scarlett D gets the brunt of it 

                  At times I cry, and even scream into my pillow, but I love my girls! I love that I can stay home with them. It has always been my dream to be a stay at home mom. How cool is it to say, "I am living my dream". I am so blessed with a husband who knows just how important it is to have me home with my daughters. This crazy, not in any way, fairytale life of mine, I would not change it for one single thing.

It was so fun to capture this day! The day flew by, and really made me appreciate the small things. I wanted to post a pic of Jeff coming home, but I was too busy making sure I got the first hug from him!

                              Life is GOOD

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