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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sadies b-day

Sadie, and Jeff share a birthday! So it is going to be interesting separating the two. This year I decided to do a pet adoption for Sadie. I thought of inviting some friends, but I had no energy. So instead I just did it for Sydney and Sadie. It was so much fun. Sadie was woken up showered in balloons, and I let her put on her special birthday outfit she picked out!! When we went to pick out and outfit I layed out three and let her choose. She immediately choose the yellow one, yellow is her favorite color and I was not surprised. She loved it, and was soo excited to wear it. One of her favorite songs is Happy Birthday. So throughout the day we sang that song multiple times!! We played for the afternoon, and met grandma for lunch. Her birthday fell on the day of the Iron Man race, and with our house right in the middle of the race we were kinda stuck. After lunch we came back and put the girls to bed, and I started to set up for the party!

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