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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sadie Roo

Dear Sweet Sadie Roo,
You have grown so much, and never cease to amaze daddy and I. This past year has been so much fun. You are so smart, and talk so much. I remember holding you in my arms for the first time, and just thinking how perfect you were. You are beautiful inside, and out. You are a daddies girl through, and through, and soak up all the time you can get with him. I think you know you are wrapped around his finger. You are such a little mom. You love to take care of your dolls....even if it does involve shoving them onto a couch, and smothering them with a blanket. You are fascinated with bugs, and will even go as far as picking the up! I wish you would stop that, but it is a part of who you are so I guess I will have to accept that. You are absolutely obsessed with dogs. As much as you are obsessed with dogs, you are terrified of them!! It is hilarious. A dog from a distance, or on a leash is your best friend. A dog loose, up close is your worst nightmare! We took you to a pet adoption. You were in Heaven, all the dogs were in cages so you were able to get close, but not too close! You are fearless, until you get hurt. Then all around are not spared from your very dramatic cry. You are not one to be pushed around, and make that very apparent around other children. Size to you is nothing, and even if the kid is twice the size of you, you will be the first to push. It cracks me up on the inside, but I have to go and try to help you fix the situation. You love to have your back scratched, and love to scratch daddies. It is so much fun to compare your personality now to the your personality as a new born. It is the same!! It makes so much sense, and I cannot help but look back, and remember the harder days. You have so much will,and I can only imagine how frustrating it was for you not to do what you wanted. When the nurses handed you to me, the first thing they said was " looks like you have a princess on your hands". Those nurses could not have been any more right!! We are at your mercy, and I would not change it for a thing. Sadie you are amazing, and we love you so much. You have added so much to our family, and we are so blessed to have you as a part of our home!

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