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His & Her = two

Saturday, June 15, 2013


 My Husband is amazing, and I love how life is never dull with him. We were sitting around, and he said he wanted to go camping. I thought it sounded fun. He than suggested we try backyard camping first as a trial run. In case it was a disaster we could just go back in side. So smart. So all day I told the girls we were going camping, and they were so excited. When Jeff got home we went and collected firewood, and built a small fire pit. We than roasted hot dogs, and made s’mores. It was a total success. The girls were in heaven. When the sun started to go down we told the girls it was bed time, they were so excited to sleep in the tent they voluntarily went to bed. Although they played for a while before passing out, they eventually fell asleep. Jeff and I sat by the fire, and watched the moon come up. It was so peaceful, and so fun to hear our babies having the time of there life's, while my sweetheart and I got to enjoy each others company. We sat for a while, and talked around the fire. We were tired so we went to bed. Jeff fell asleep easy! Me on the other hand… due to my huge belly and being basically on the ground my sides had enough! I snuck out. I cheated! I crawled in my own bed, and slept marvelously, and was awaken by the cutest/dirtiest little girls jumping on me! Life is so sweet. Moments like these make me so grateful to be alive!

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