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Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Baby turns 3!

My Sydney turned 3!! I have no clue where time has gone, some how it has slipped away. She is quite the character, and is as stubborn as could be. She loves to play outside. I will most likely be investing in a over-the-door-lock. We are blessed to live in a place, that the kids really can just run free. But Sydney really would be outside all the time. My pregnant self can't quite keep up with chasing her down to go potty, take a bath, eat dinner, ect. So I think now is the time to out smart the child! Sydney is so full of personality, and will let you know how she feels about EVERYTHING. Easy going is for sure not in the description for Sydney! Sydney loves things done just the way she is use to. We laugh, but we got a new table, and Sydney had a melt down! She was so sad we were taking away her table!! Jeff always teases me, when I complain about how stubborn she is, and says "welcome to my life" (referring to having a stubborn wife) Underneath all of Sydney's stubbornness, you will find the sweetest, most loving, and best big sister ever. Sydney loves to ask why, and learn how things work. The other night we were out for an evening walk, and Sydney looked up, and noticed the moon. She quickly put her hand over her mouth, and with the most terrified voice she said "the moon is broken"!! Jeff and I looked up, and saw the moon was only a half moon. We decided to humor her, and ask just how we would fix the moon. To that Sydney replied "get in an airplane, and fly to fix it"! We are constantly laughing at her clever remarks, and love her personality. Sydney loves Sadie, although it is not always easy being the big sister she tries. Sydney has become such a good helper with Sadie. I will often find Sydney comforting Sadie after a fall, or chasing Sadie to come back in fear she will get lost. The other day we were at the splash pad, and I heard Sadie wailing. I look over to see what happened, and I saw Sydney hold Sadie's saying " We will go find mommy, and she will kiss it better"! Moments like that make being a mom worth everything! Sydney loves movies, and loves to cuddle with dad, and watch them. I cannot believe I had a hand in helping to create, and bring this amazing little person to this world. I cannot wait for all the fun years to come... I know there will be hard times. If her toddler years are a glimpse of teen age years than I am in BIG trouble, but in a weird way I look forward to that. I cannot wait to help her learn and grow. I hope I will be able to be up to the task, but thankfully I have an amazing husband!! This year for Sydneys birthday, I decided to make it all about her. For her 1, and 2 year birthdays, I did parties. This year I decided I wanted to do laid back fun day all about Sydney! It was totally worth it! She absolutely loved it. We started off the day by showering her in balloons, and singing happy birthday. We than got her dressed in her birthday outfit, and headed out to breakfast. We sang happy birthday again at breakfast, and Sydney was so happy to have a birthday! After breakfast we went to story time, this is for sure one of her favorite things. After story time her cousins surprised her at the splash pad. Sydney was sooo excited. We were pretty much the only ones at the splash pad, due to the fact that is was still pretty cold. That did not slow down Sydney at all. She ran right into the water! I think she knew it was her special day, and was loving it. After the splash pad we headed over to the carousel. Sydney was in heaven she loved having her cousins, and she loved all the fun activities. We rode the carousel a bunch of times. By then the kids had worked up an appetite, and we decided to go to lunch. On our way to the car Sydney discovered she had pockets in her swimsuit cover up. She would not hold my hand, and instead kept her hands in her cool pockets. She only took maybe 3 steps, and then BAM! I heard Sydney screaming, I looked backed and she was on the ground with blood pouring out of her nose, and mouth!! I was terrified. My sister had already gone to her car, so it was just the girls, and I. I did not even know where to start! Thankfully my mom senses kicked in and I went to work. I saw she had bitten her tongue pretty good, and had gotten a fat lip. Also her nose was 2x bigger than a few minutes before. I wanted to stop the bleeding, and the only thing I had was a towel. By the time the bleeding stopped, her towel was red!!! She was quite the trooper, and just kept asking for her cousin Kailey to kiss it. I told her we would go to lunch, and Kailey would kiss it. We went to Cafe Rio, and the girls and I got inside before my sister did. By the looks on peoples faces when they saw Sydney I knew it was a good fall. My sister got there, and Sydney ran to give Kailey a hug. Poor Kailey was a little shocked, and patted Syd on the back. That worked just fine for Sydney, and she seemed to start feeling better. After Cafe Rio we came to our house for cake, and presents. Sydney could not have asked for a better day! I loved that instead of worrying about a party, I was able to focus fully on Sydney. It was by far my favorite birthday. I love my Sydney!!




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