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His & Her = two

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Dear Sydney & Sadie,
We love you oh so very. very. very much. You are so near, and dear to our hearts. Tonight, after you were suppose to be tucked in your bed. Your father came inside, and claimed he smelt root-beer. I thought it odd, and moved on with my life. Your father likes to get to the bottom of things. So, off he went, to locate this "root-beer" sent. Perhaps he hoped it was truly root-beer. To my dismay he called my name. Not, the typical nik name "hers", but AMANDA. I knew this could only mean trouble. As I braced myself to climb up those stairs, my stomach was touching my toes. Because, you my two darlings were suppose to be as snug as a bug. I reached the first step, and ah, what was that smell wafting by?! It was in no way root-beer. It was minty fresh. So minty fresh in fact my eyes began to burn. I wished it was root-beer, but to my horror my instinct was correct. It was minty fresh toothpaste, beautifully finger painted all along the walls. The walls were not the only place, you had decided to let your art so shine. Door knobs, doors, and oh Heaven forbid you forget your toys. As your father, and I sit here holding back the tears ( that toothpaste was worse than an onion) we decided that one day, there would be payback. Oh it will be sweet, and pretty pretty neat. We chuckle and think of all of the possibilities we could do to your new house! That puts a smile on our faces, and we continue to scrub. So here is to you my two precious girls. You have been warned!

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