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Friday, June 6, 2014


Blessings. My life is so good. I can look back on my days, and remember the hard times. Amongst all the bad, there is the good. The good, out weighs the bad, every time. I am currently in the primary presidency. When I first received this calling, I was beyond nervous. As time has gone on. Nerves, have subsided,(until I have to teach, and I still stammer and stumble like a fool) and I am finding I am learning so much from these little souls. We have an amazing music director. She has worked so hard to get the children, to not only know the words, but to actually know what they are singing. Junior primary will sing, but majority of the time, it is just loud mumbling! So last Sunday, we were practicing the song we are going to sing for Fathers Day. The Sister arranged, God gave us families, and I so glad when daddy comes home. The kids had been more rumbustious, than usual, and we all were prepared for a hard singing time. Surprisingly, they were singing amazing. She asked the kids to sing it one more time. The children sang, their hearts out. Every word was pronounced, and ever cue was followed. Words cannot describe the spirit in that room. I promise, there were angles singing along with our children. The room was spiritually shaking. Just as the music instructor began to tear up, we all realized, all the leaders were crying! The little kids were confused as to why we were crying! I know this the singing instructor, has been praying for this. It was such a beautiful thing to see, and feel that our Heavenly Father, truly does answer prayers.
Living far away from a grocery store is not always easy. Wednesday is the day I take the girls into town, and we do splash pad, library, and do all of our shopping. Well this Wednseday was hard. Shopping was a disaster, and I was so quick to get out of there, that I forgot milk!! We have cereal, for at least one meal. So this was a big issue. After unloading, and realizing I had forgot milk. I started to think how I would be able to go back and get milk. A little later on, our door bell rang. It was our neighbor. Her kids were out of town, and she needed to get rid of some milk! I could not believe my eyes. I was blown away. Heavenly Father answered a quiet desire of my heart. 
I am learning, and striving daily to be content. This can be a hard thing to do. I admit I struggle. But I will continue to strive to be happy, with where I am. My children are healthy, we own a home, my husband has a job, and I get to stay home! Just typing that makes me wonder why I ever desire more!!

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  1. I love your post. They are always such uplifting and you are an amazing mom! Plus I couldn't imagine doing the store with three kids and only forgetting milk! Ha