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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scarlett D

Scarlett Darlene was blessed September 21, 2013.
The day could not have been any more perfect. My mom, and two sisters were able attend. I met my sweet niece Hannah for the first time, and instantly fell in love with her chubby cheeks. During the weekend of Scarlett's blessing we were notified, our offer on our house had been approved! My family came the weekend of the Relief Society broadcast. It was seriously a dream to have some of the woman I love the most with me during such a neat meeting. After having a baby, I became a baby. I may or may not have balled of happiness a few times. After the broadcast, I was able to take my fam to scout out our new house. Since we did not have keys at that point we broke in looked through the windows. My Family was so excited for me!! Showing them the house, was such a joy!
The next day was Scarlett's big day! We were privileged to bless squeaks in a dress 100+ years old.  Her dress was hand sewn in 1830, by Jeff's great great great great(forgive me if I forgot a great) grandma. This dress is a masterpiece. The spirit of this beautiful dress, really set the tone for this special day. Scarlett was as cute as could be. On this day, there were two other babies being blessed. Scarlett D loves to eat! Church, to her is just 3 hours of eating. I knew blessing her would be a challenge. I went with a prayer in my heart, and faith that it would all work out. It did all work out, but she was the first baby to be blessed. I had just walked out to hurry, and feed her, when her name was called! Poor starving girl, cried the entire blessing! Jeff still did great, and I cried as usual right along with squeaks. The blessing was over way too soon. What a blessing to have knowledge of this sweet gospel
. I pray that my children will have the desire to gain a testimony of this gospel.

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