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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Neveda get-away

My sister Jenny and her family were going to spend a week in Vegas. With Jeff working, and trying to get everything done with the house. It was a perfect opportunity for the girls, and I to join Jenny and her family. After Scarlett's blessing, my sister and her family met us at our house. We were able to eat dinner together, and than head out. I was so excited to get some good quality time with my sister, and nieces, and nephews. We stayed in a house that had a pool, and a hot tub. It was a blast! Jenny, and Jeremy were even able to go on a much needed date. I babysat, with the help of the older kids. Having older kids is seriously a whole new ball game!! It was incredible! Majority of the time I was able to relax. I know someday I will look back at the stage I am in, and miss it, but right now the stage Jenny is at looks REEEEAAAALLLL good!! While the girls and I were away, vacationing it up. My amazing husband, was slaving away! He would go to work at 6, get done at 3, head straight to our new house, and clean. He did that for 5 days!! His family, was very kind, and helped a ton as well.
Sydney and Kailey were best buds! Kailey took good care of Syd

                                Ring-a-round the rosies was played over a million times

                                              Pants were not required
                                         Pictures were a must
                                          Lounging in the pool, was a daily

                                            Best friends

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