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His & Her = two

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Our house was closed the first of September. With all of the costs of being a home owner. Halloween was on the back burner. We got creative, and still had a blast!! I got the girls some wings, and they were fairies. Sydney hates anything out of the norm. This includes dress up. SO sad, right?! I finally convinced her to wear her costume, and she painfully agreed. Sadie was thrilled to have wings, and was as happy as could be. Squeaks did not have much of a choice. By how cute her pictures are below, I can honestly say she loved Halloween. We decided to go door to door, and attempt to meet our neighbors. It ended up being a success. Although we were all frozen, by the end. The girls had fully understood the concept,of trick or treat. We were begging them to be done! We came home showered, and like horrible parents. Put the girls to bed, and had a candy party! I love that all of the Holidays, with kids, is like being a kid all over again!

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