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His & Her = two

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Time for a Sydney update!!! Sydney is a big girl! She weighs 26 pounds, and I am not quite sure how tall she is. She is still dainty, and beautiful. Sydney never ceases to amaze me or her dad. She is such a little firecracker, but at the same time she is so shy and sweet. Sydney loves being an older sister. Of course it is tough at times for her to remember Sadie is younger due to the fact that they weigh the same. Sadie loves to pull Sydneys hair... I think she is just jealous of it. Sydney is usually a good sport about it, and hurries and picks the hair out of Sadie's hand and tries to put it back on her head. The other day I heard Sydney same "no no sister, thats it TIME OUT... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10" I ran in to check this out, and Sydney was folding Sadies arms, and counting. After Sydney said " no push sister". I love her so much. It seriously consumes my soul. That sounds weird but that is the best way to describe how much she means to me. After the girls are in bed, and it is all quiet believe it or not, it takes everything in me not to go and scoop them up and snuggle! Sydney is so smart. She can count to 12, she tries to go higher but gets confused. We can have full conversations, but her favorite word is...MOM. In a minute she can seriously same mom 50 times, not that I have ever really counted, but it is a ton. "Mom, see the bird" "Mom uh oh" "Mom help me".. you get it lol. At times I am not patient and tell her she cannot say mom for a little bit. Rude I know, but it makes me a little crazy! She LOVES to dance. We have at least 20 dance parties in a day. She says "mom I want to shake it" "Mom I wanna have a dance party". She has the cutest dance moves, from putting her hands on her hips and shakin her bum, to rollin her arms. She is so observant, and comments on just about everything. Every time we go to the store she looks in the spot where the car cart is, and if its not there she says "aw man". So then she just chase's Sadie , and I through the store. I probably look crazy, but It makes shopping with 2 kids do-able. Sydney loves to sing, and if  there is a quiet moment she will ask for me to sing. She loves when Daddy sings to her on the phone, and will request it every time. Unfortunately daddy can't break out in song at work, so he makes it up to her later. Sydney loves to be clean, she hates having sticky hands, and she is finally starting to love me doing her hair. She loves to have her toes painted, and shows them to everyone. She is starting to show interest in the alphabet, in the bath she likes to put the letters in order. We had a HUGE accomplishment today. We have been attempting potty training, and she has done so so. But today all by herself she said " I need to go poop", and she does this a lot. So I just thought it was one of those times. I left the room, and the next thing I hear was "MOM I POOPED"! I was trying not to get too excited, but I checked, and she actually did!! I think this is the start of something good. Whenever Sydney eats something she likes she has to say "Mom I like it, it's good". Sydney is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Every day I get with her, I realize just how beautiful life is. She is my best friend, and my #1 fan. I am so blessed to be her mommy.

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  1. I seriously can't believe how fast she's growing! What a sweetie. I totally miss playing with her at church.