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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Half Marathon

  I have not posted about this, due to the fact it was still a rough subject. I really want to remember this run.
Friday June 8th Our Family drove up to provo. The girls were decent, but we were glad to be there. Although I am not the biggest fan of Provo. It was fun remember the good times that did happen there. We went to Lindsay and Devins house. I am was so thrilled to see her parents car! They were like second parents to me. We went inside, and had fun talking, and catching up. Lindsay, and I decided we better go get our number, and shirt. We were suprised at how many people were there! It was actually quick, we were in and out. We went back to her apartment, and right when we stepped out of Lindsay's car we smelt the most amazing food. Lindsay said "I think that is our dinner". Sure enough It was Lindsay's moms divine cooking. Joanne has always been an amazing cook. I was super excited to get some of her delicious food. After the amazing dinner we went and got frozen yogurt from Red Mango. It was so good! After dessert Lindsay, and I headed back to her apt to get the girls to bed, and start unwinding. The boys went and played tennis. Lindsay and I got everything ready for our run. Devin was too kind, and suggested I sleep with Lindsay in the bed, and the two boys would sleep on the couch. Lindsay and I stayed up talking, we both could not sleep!!! It was so fun being with her like old times! We had to be at the buses in the morning at 4am!!! WAYYYY tooo early. I think Lindsay and I together got maybe 3 hrs of sleep!! When it was time to wake up we groggily got out of bed, and started to get ready. Joanne was too kind, and had prepared fruit and greek yogurt for us to eat on the way. Seriously she is amazing. We were taking one of Lindsay's friends with us, so we ate and talked about our nerves. I was so nervous about running so long being pregnant. I really hoped I would not have to pee a billion times. We got to the buses and off we went! Our kind husbands the night before went to walmart and got us those foil blankets. So as we waited at the start line we were nice and warm. The final countdown began, and Lindsay and I braced ourselves! The race started, and off we went! I only had to pee once, but the line was forevveerr. Never again will I wait, I am going to just pop a squat!! Unfortunantley I had gotten new shoes, but I had not broken them in enough. My feet were throbbing!! Jeff and the girls kept finding me and cheering me on. They even ran with me for a minute! That gave me the motivation to keep going! Also Devin, and the Ginolfi's found me, and cheered me on as well! I love the feeling of being supported!!  I finished....we wont talk about the time, and I will still stick with my last half marathon of 2 hours! It was a great run, and the best part is that I got to do it with my son!!!! I had not offically announced it to everyone, and this is how I did it. I wrote baby on board on the back of my shirt. It was so fun. This run will always be special to my heart!! Since this run I have been really slacking with running. It is usually my therapy, but lately if I think about my loss. But this is it. I am ready to run again!  


I never posted a pic from my last marathon!

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  1. You're amazing! i love you! I am so glad we got to do that together! It was an amazing experience to share with you! Love you Manda Lou Roberts!!! :)