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His & Her = two

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My Sweet Sadie girl!!!! Oh man where to I even start. This little girl has personality to boot. She is only 16 months, and is the funniest person I know. She can talk so well. She pretty much will remember every word that you teach her. I can pretty much have a conversation with her, and she will do a good majority of the talking. Sadie's favorite game is peek a boo. Except her version is you don't have to cover your face, you just have to say "BOO". We will be driving, and 
Sadie says- MOM
Mom says- What
Sadie says- BOO!
She thinks it hilarious, and will play this game all day if she could. Sadie might have taken awhile to start walking, but I am so grateful. At 16 months she can already run as fast as Sydney! She sprints. It is funny because it looks like she will fall over any minute, but somehow she stays up! Cracks me up. Sadie is OBSESSED with Sydney. The first thing out of her mouth every morning is "sista sista, where she go". We go and get Sydney, and she gets so excited, and wants to give her hugs. We think Sadie will be our Athlete. She is so rough. She loves to be tickled, and thrown around. Sadie could take her dad on any day. With that said she can be the sweetest thing ever. She is so compassionate, and loves babies. If ever she sees a carseat, stroller, or anything baby related she perks right up, and says "BABY"! She is so curious about them, and just wants to be near them. Little does she know, she is kinda a baby too, but I won't tell her! Sadie Still loves her food, and lets nothing come between her and her love. You know when she is hungry because she turns into the most onry baby
. Majority of the time Sadie finish's before Syd, and asks to get down. Well lately she will be done, but she just can't let Sydney eat in peace. Sadie will hurry over to Sydney's food grab some, and sprint off. Sydney gets so bugged, and Sadie just laughs. Sadie is very good at please and thank you. She loves telling everyone she sees "Hi". Even when we are in a car, she says hi to the people driving by. We were at the store a while ago. I was checking out, and Leanne was back with Sadie. All the sudden Leanne starts laughing, and she told me to look. I look back, and at the check stand they have a bottle of hand sanitizer. Sadie looked at the bottle, and got all giddy touched the tip of it, and rubbed it all over her arm. She would look away, and when she saw it again do it all over!! Sadie is gorgeous, and everyone asks why her complexion is so dark. Sadie has stunning blue eyes, tan skin, and her hair color is still up in the air. It will be so fun to watch her develop. Sadie is way good at sleeping, and way too easy to put down. I am contemplating starting to potty train her. I know I am crazy, but she sees Sydney do it, and wants to try so bad. She even will find me and tell me she pooped. I may just give it a go, just for the fun of it. That would be amazing if it was successful, most likely not...but a girl can dream. So yesterday Jeff got home, and dropped off the trash can. Both of the girls ran outside, and Jeff left to go feed the horse's. So I assumed he had taken both of the girls. Jeff came back a while later, and informed me the Sadie had walked all the way to the Horse's!! The horse's are at least a half a mile away. Not to mention she was shirtless and only had on stockings!! I felt soo bad. She is determined.  I love this girl. She is my pride and joy. I can't get enough of her cheeks...both sets. She makes it easy to be her mom, and life much more exciting. She is perfect to me, and has taught me so much. I can be myself with her, and she loves me fully! I am so blessed. 

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