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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sweet Moments

My kids are so much fun. I want to remember all of the cute things they do!
We were at dinner today at Jeff's grandparents house. Sydney loves to watch Cinderella there. In the TV room there is a door that you can close that opens to the kitchen. Well Sydney decided she wanted to eat her food alone, and watch Cinderella. Usually this would not fly, but I was in need of a break. After she took her plate she headed to the room. Well she decided she wanted privacy, and insisted we shut the door! We went on, and Uncle Mark said "look at this". We look over and underneath the door is an empty plate being pushed through by the cutest little fingers!!!

Sadie loves dogs! She has quite the little imaginataion. Instead of having an imaginary friend, I think she has an imgainary dog. A good ammount of the time she tells me she see's a dog. When in reality there is no dog to be found! Well the other day we were in Smiths, and Sadie starts saying "doggie,doggie". I just kinda brushed it off, and was like "yaaa doggie"! Well she I heard laughter behind me, I turned to see what was going on. Sure enough there was a girl holding a tiny dog! Jeff and I had a good laugh. While Sadie loved pointing her long finger at the dog!

We went out to dinner, and Jeff looks over at Sydney, as she is putting something in her mouth. Sydney that begins to breath in and out as if she is trying to cool down her mouth, and she puts her finger back in the dressing, and does it all over. She did it several times!

Sadie has the chubbiest fingers, but the tiniest nose. We were pulling into our driveway, and I turned around to see Sadie consecrating so hard to put her chubby little finger up her tiny little nose. She would get so close, and then realize it would not fit. Jeff and I laughed so hard, and just watched her serious little face do this over and over again!! 

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