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His & Her = two

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Baby is two

Sydney has hit to big 2!!!! It is pretty crazy to think she is 2. She is such a beautiful little girl. We had a birthday party the saturday after her actual birthday, but I wanted to make sure her birthday was special. She woke up to me singing happy birthday, and her favorite breakfast. Than we went to lunch with one of her bestest buds, Owen. At one of her favorite places, McDonald's. They had a blast, and she loved every minute of it. After lunch we went out to grandmas, Sydney did not want to take a nap. So I allowed it. Instead she watched Cinderella and ate popcorn in her crib. We than had her favorite dinner, ate cake, and opened presents. Her day was very special, just like her.
Her actual Birthday party was also a blast. We had friends come, and help us celebrate. We ate yummy food and just hung out. I had checked the weather forecast for that day, and it said sunny. So I planned activity's outside....well when I woke up, I found we were in the middle of a blizzard!! I panicked, and just about called off the party. The last thing I wanted, was for someone to get hurt coming to our place. Thankfully, it cleared up.... a bit. Everyone was troopers, and still showed. Sydney was spoiled and got such nice gifts. The theme was word world, it is Sydney's favorite t.v show. My good friend is AMAZING at making cakes. All of the characters on top of the cake are hand made. Not only is the cake freaking awesome, it tastes just as good. The fondant is not the nasty store bought kind, she actually goes the extra mile and makes it from scratch. I am certain in time she will be famous, so if you are looking for an original, affordable cake, by someone who will one day be a big deal let me know. She can do anything. Her name is Lindsy Tipa and her blog is http://nephiandlindsy.blogspot.com/ on there she has posted a few of her other cakes.
We got Sydney a bike for her birthday, and she totally loves it. She has a little bit of learning to do, but she is loving the idea.

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