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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sadie 10 Months

I know that every parent insists there is not a favorite month....BUT 10 months has for sure been my favorite! This month Sadie has really blossomed. She is just so much fun. She officially started crawling this month, but has convinced herself that I do not know. Because when I catch her in the act she hurries and assumes the sit up position and begins rocking. She says more, and ya. It usually goes like this
Me- "Sadie are you hungry"
Sadie- "ya"
Me- "Sadie would you like more"
Sadie- "MORE"(Hands clapping and head nodding)
Her favorite thing in the morning to do is if dad is still home, to go see him and point at him and say "dad"
I have no clue where she got the pointing thing from. It can be really funny or really awkward. Funny when she is doing it to dad. Awkward when she is doing it to the least sociable old man in the grocery store. The other night we were walkin inside, and the entire time she was just pointing at the moon. She was fascinated with it. oh man I love this spoiled little girl! Also she got to have her pictures taken.

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