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Friday, February 24, 2012

Personal Thought

This week at church I was blessed to hear the most amazing song I have ever heard. It was about Emma Smith, and her life. It really put in to perspective her trials, and life. At one part the song talks about how she buried her children. This really hit me, I cannot imagine. It got me thinking. In Emma’s time, it was more usual to lose a child physically. As I look around now, we are so advanced in our medicine, and knowledge. A child’s physical death still occurs, but not as common. I feel now we are at a time where more commonly a spiritual death is more common. This terrifies me. I cannot imagine losing a child, let alone thinking that the they have made decisions which are making it impossible to be an eternal family. The peace of the gospel is knowing that after death we can be reunited. What happens if my children choose to live for today, for the moment. Satan is awful. His power is real. At times I feel so inadequate to raise my children. I know they have agency, but it is my job to teach them right from wrong. I have been pondering on things that I may do to help my eternal family become a reality. Everyone has flaws. Everyone has a weakness. The adversary is aware, and will attack on that. I want to help my children identify there weakness’s. I want to allow them to make them strengths. I do not want to focus on the world, or becoming wealthy. I want to focus on my family. I want to be able to earn enough to give, I want to teach my children the joy of service. I want them to find the peace in selflessness. Money will only get us so far. I need to get further. I see so many people, so focused on wealth. Or wanting to keep up with everything. They want to be the craftiess, the cutest, have the nicest things, have all the latest technology. That is not where I want my focus. I want our family focus to be eternity.
Things are occurring in my families life that are difficult, and have taught me just how awful Satan is. This life is not our own. I hear so many say “I want to live for myself”. This is such a horrible mind set. We are indebted. To Jesus Christ. He atoned for all of our sins. When we live for ourselves we allow his atonement to be in vain. I want to please those around me, I want to bring joy to their life’s. I do not want to be a source of sorrow or pain. I want to teach my children to live for others. To serve, and uplift. This is a test, and Satan is becoming more and more powerful. We are in this together, as brothers and sisters. We need to live for each other. Our life’s can help those around us reach eternity. Satan is selfish. He teaches to only make yourself happy, and not to worry about those around you. I need to teach my children to disregard this with haste. This is poison. I am only human. At times I live for myself, but I will not lose hope. I love my family, and I want us all to be together. I know that through these hard times, great things will happen.


  1. It was great reading this Amanda. Thank you for sharing... I want all of that for my daily as well, and it made me realize that I'm the one that meds to work harder at that, for my families sake. I love reading your thoughts! You're such a great mama :)

  2. I love you Amanda...You are such a good example to me. I am blessed to call you sister :) xoxo, Kelly