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Friday, February 24, 2012

My life!

So much has happened in the last few months. It has been an exciting, and very eventful time. So I have defiantly been struggling in the blogging area!
I will try to play a little catch up.
We were blessed to be able to travel to California. One of my best friends is a flight attendant, and wanted me to come for her baby shower. Jeff was unable to come, due to work obligations. So the girls and I had a little adventure. I realized just how much I love, and appreciate my husband. Ali was such a helper, and really put up with a lot…..especially with being 7 ½ months pregnant! We left Saint George, and headed to Salt Lake. Although I love Saint George it is annoying that we have to fly out of SLC or LVN to connect to a California flight. So we got to the St. George airport, and were all ready. Unfortunately we were unable to get on that flight, due to our stand by status. That was a bummer, but we managed. Sydney had fun stuffing the vending machines with gummy bears( sorry to who ever purchased a snack, and got a little more than they bargained for) I tried to get them all, but I am sure I missed. That flight was probably the hardest flight. Our flight was suppose to leave at 6 and arrive in SLC just in time to make a connecting flight to California. So my genius plan was to have the girls skip there naps, and just sleep on the flights. Well my plan was not so genius, and ended up back firing on me. By the time we boarded the first flight both girls were past the point of exhausted, and way grumpy. I am sure all the passengers around us were happy that flight was only an hour, and I was right there with them. We got to Salt Lake, and stayed at my friends place. It was fun to see her apartment, and spend time with her and her husband. We left first thing that morning, and thanks to my friend, and her husband things went really smooth. Sydney enjoyed the flight, and loved taking off. She did get antsy at some parts, but for the majority she was awesome. We got to California, and Sydney ran up to my mom with arms wide open. She was so excited to see grandma. It was a very relaxing, and simple trip. I got to spend most of my family, and I could not have asked for more. I got to meet my adorable nephew. I did not want to leave him. My mom was so sweet, and accommodating to our needs. The girls and I went to a park that I played at as a kid. It was such a cool feeling watching them find joy in the same things I did. I love them so much. I love my family, and I am so grateful for the relationships we have. I am truly blessed. On Saturday we went to my friends baby shower. It was so fun seeing old friends, and catching up. California brings back the kid in me, it makes me want to roll down my windows and blare my music. I love the feeling of the warm sky and busy streets. While it is good to visit, it is always such a pleasure comin home. Saint George has stolen my heart. I say it is California without the smog. On the plane ride back to Saint George Sydney kept on saying “grandpa,hi grandpa,grandpa”. I was so confused. Finally I looked at my Ali, and said “I have no clue why she is saying that”. Ali was like I think she is calling that guy grandpa. I look over, and sure enough he looks just like John!! Too cute. She loves her grandpa’s. My life is good, and I am so blessed. Don’t get me wrong there are hard times, but we have been blessed with all of the good.

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