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His & Her = two

Monday, January 16, 2012


Christmas this year was amazing. Sydney understands how to open presents. She does not really understand why she is getting them, but she loves that she does! We were blessed to have family come, from Missouri, and Colorado. It was so fun to see everyone. Sydney loved playing with her cousins. At times it would not seem like that....but she really did! We spent most of the holiday at the mabin. It was so fun just to relax, and be with family. On the Friday before Christmas, a few of us went to the Nativity Scene at Tuachon. It was FFFREAZING, but so worth it. The spirit that was felt was amazing. I cannot to be able to tell my children of our Savior's birth, and of the true meaning of Christmas! I told Jeff this year I did not want any presents. He always does such nice things for me. It was my turn to show him how much I care. I was able to earn money, and get him just what he wanted. The look on his face was more than I could have asked for. Sadie got a simple toy, but ended up being all of the kids favorite. I actually had to put it away, because it was wanted by everyone! She also got some fun baby treats, clothes, and books. I love Christmas. I know it is easy to get carried away, but I know also the importance of simplicity. I hope more than anything our Chritmas's are filled with Service, family, and love.

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  1. AHH I seriously cannot believe how BIG your girls are!! I hate that I'm not down there watching them grow up... it's so sad!! We miss you guys and hope you're doing well. Hopefully we'll see you soon!