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His & Her = two

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sadie 7 Months

Sadie is the sweetest baby ever. Sure she has her hard moments, but she has been such a joy. Sadie has officially started on solid foods. She LOVES them. Sydney, would kinda spit food back out. Sadie on the other hand, devours it!! Once it gets past those cheeks, it is gone. She will eat about anything I give her. She loves her dad, and Sydney so much. Sadie has always been so aware, and continually amazes me with what she understands. Her one pet peeve is, being left alone. I think she has gotten so use to people being around, and when she is alone in a room she panics! Kinda cute, but at the same time hard. Sadie normally has a smile on her face. Even in the mornings, when she has just woken up. Her eyes will be half shut, but she will have the biggest grin on her face. If I take too long to feed her, she lets me know. She takes her food very seriously. This month was such a fun month. We were blessed to be surrounded to by family!

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