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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Line is being Drawn

I am continually amazed at just how blessed I truly am. My family is so amazing. I am learning what true joy is. Lately I been realizing just how messed up this world truly is. I am so scared to think this is the world, that my sweet children have to grow up in. We have been taught that a time will come where the bar will be raised, and sides will be chosen. I really never fully understood what this meant, and probably still don't, but I am beginning to get a glimpse of what this means. People I love, and care about are making some choices. They are defining their fate, and it upsets me, because no matter how hard I try to help them choose the right, the wrong is the easier choice. I am starting to see this line, and it is really getting hard on me. I want to shake these people around me, and tell them to snap out of it. Do they not see what we have been taught all of our life, happening to them? The gospel, the plan, our Heavenly parents are so amazing. If we just follow the prophet, and make decisions not only for today, but eternal choices, life would be so much better.Today I am choosing to be a better person. In all that I do. I need to be more modest. I need to be more diligent,in my prayers and reading. I need to show those people around me, it can be done. So many people are choosing to mess up, and repent later. I have done this too, but it is only harder.
I love the gospel, I know without a shadow of a doubt it is true. I know that Jesus Christ provided a way that I can return home. I know that I can choose to have an eternal family, by the decisions I make today. I am grateful for the priesthood in my home. I want to emulate Christ in all that I do. I want to teach my children through my example. I want them to know him through me. I have so much to work on. My load is heavy, but my heart is full, and ready to do all I can to be an example, to those around me. I need to stop thinking negatively about people, and see them as he would. I need to love as if everyone is my family. The line is being drawn, and my family and I are choosing eternity.


  1. Love you Mandas! You are such an example to me!! I love you and your family so much! :)

  2. I have felt the same, exact way recently! There are far too many friends and family members I want to knock some sense into. :)