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His & Her = two

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funny Things That Happened This Week

*Sydney usually likes to go push Sadie in her swing, but this was a first!
Sydney had crawled into the swing WITH Sadie, and was swinging with her!!

*We went to McDonald's after the splash pad, the plan was just to go home
right after. Since we live right down the street I was not thinking to
bring extra clothes. So Sydney went in her swimsuit. Her favorite thing
is the kids cone from there. She was so determined to eat it that she did
not even care that she was shaking from each bite from being so cold!!
(Jenny took a pic of this so I will get it from her cam and post it)

*This is not super funny, but kinda. Sydney, and I turned the corner to see
Sadie on her side! She was trying so hard to roll over. Sydney thought it was

*Sydney came walking over to me and I just about screamed! She had black ALLL over her face, clothes,everything! I then realized in her hand was my mascara,and in her mouth was the brush!! Time for new mascara!
So I went to take a picture of this and of course my camera died. I need to be more prepared!!