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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sadie...need I say more

This post is out of control, and wildly funny. Hence the title.
I have this little girl. She is ridiculously out of control, and hilarious at the same time. Majority of the time I can laugh this little girls attitude and spunk of. BUT, there are days moments, when even I, her mother lose my cool. This little ball of energy was sent to torture bless with all of the joy I ever brought my mother (my dear mother, in hind sight I can understand why my mother had a conniption when I snuck out of bed.) 

The joy from this firecracker is indescribable. At the end of the day I am exhausted, but as I think back about Sadie I can't  help but get a smile on my face. Although after the smile, is usually the thought about tomorrow. With this is brought the shear terror of having to do it all over again!!! Oh, but how blessed am I, to have a tomorrow?! So I have listed a few days/moments of my encounters with Sadie. I have to document, to ensure people I am not making this stuff up. There is no way I could make this up....

Jeff and had all the girls tucked in. Jammies were on, teeth were brushed, and stories were read. No more needed to be said, they were off to bed. That is unless, you have a SADIE! Jeff and I were watching a show downstairs, and heard slight movement upstairs. Nothing that sounded like attention was needed. After our show was over we were off to bed. As I climbed upstairs, the thought of all my girls sleeping was so comforting. Until I reached the top step, and with horror I realized the girls light had been turned on! I was sure I was going to find a stage 3 disaster, toilet flooded, Sadie sitting on Sydney. So I dreadfully walked to their door. To my surprise, this is what awaited me!! Don't ask me how, or why. All I do know is the light was on, jammies were off. Yet they were both sound asleep.
Sadie is many things. Exhibitionist..perhaps, determined for sure! This child of mine, see's what she wants, and will find a way. This is a perfect example. Jeff stashes those tasty Cafe Rio mints up here. Apparently someone had been watching him. I walked in to my closet to find a half naked Sadie, helping herself to some tasty mints.
Have no fear big sister Sadie is here!! Let me just tell you, she LOVES to be there. Poor Squeaks on the other hand is left to endure. Sadie is my baby monitor  for Squeaks. Daily, thanks to this girl I get a play by play, on just what our Squeaks is up to. Majority of the time Sadie will drag her by the arm, or foot, to report to me her findings.
Sadie Loves this man! He is her BEST friend. Whenever we go over to "Grandpa Chickens" house, he is not allowed out of sight. Every once in a while, he will sneak out of her sight. But shoes, or no shoes, goat heads, or bugs, Sadie will walk down to the chicken coop, where Grandpa is sure to be. She is determined, and knows what she likes, and who she likes.

A good way to tell if Sadie is in a good mood , is by her hair. If you will look at exhibit A (Posted above) You will See happy hair done Sadie
Now exhibit B(Posted above) Hair undone, and on the verge of a crazed break down! You best watch out when her hair is undid

If you are in need of a good laugh. Sadie is your best bet. The latest thing out of her mouth is, "Mama, when I get bigger I gonna get married, and then and then I will have a baby in my belly".  As her mother I hope that the baby is born at least 10 months after them being married!!

This little girl of mine rocks my world. She brings so much, joy, and frustration to my life. My days without her would be quite, but not near as entertaining. I know Sadie was so anxious to get to earth to be reunited with her sister.

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