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Monday, April 21, 2014

Conference Picnic

 A new tradition in our home we has begun,it is a conference picnic. This occurs after the 1st session of Conference on Sunday morning. Now my original plan was to go watch General Conference at the church, and then have a picnic. But Utah had to rain on my parade. General Conference is not shown in stake centers here. CRAZY..right?! So we made do, and watched conference at home, and after we headed over to the mabin. The pond was just filled up. So it was the perfect place to picnic(Besides the wind, and my husband  wanted to eat in the car, who does that) I love my family. In moments of distress, and crying I wonder what have I gotten myself into. Then Sydney says "mama Scarlett is perfect", or Sadie says "don't worry mama daddy will shock them". Then all the selfish thoughts of "why me" turned into a silent prayer of gratitude. 99.9% of the time my children have snotty nose's,  stains on their clothes, and dirt under their nails. Their hair that was once done, is way to easily turned into a tangled mess. But under that all their, is smiles on their faces. They will not have the nicest clothes, or have the best toys, and I can guarantee they will not always look "perfect". But they are perfect to me. I am blessed to stay home, and have all my focus on them . Our needs are met, and WE ARE BLESSED.

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  1. Amanda I sure love you. You are a PERFECT MAMA! xoxo