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Friday, July 27, 2012


Our Hotel
The view from our room

The walkway
Front of our hotel

Can't get enough of our view!
Our room..and lovely towel animals
The swim up bar, where I got my pina colada's!
One of the gorgeous pool's. In the background is the ocean
The beach!!

Yummy food! and of course my drink
Juice from EVERY fruit
Chocolate Tamale, life changing

The amazing Talum
Squirrel's of Mexico
The beach at Talum
Pina Colada time

You had to be there ;)

A week after my family left, Jeff got to go on our belayed "honeymoon". So not only did I get a week with my family, but I got a week with my hubby and good friends!
On Tuesday night at 7ish we headed down to Vegas. I thought saying good bye to the girls would be hard, but thankfully grandma was there and made it a lot easier. I still watched them until I could not see them anymore. I was just hoping they would not forget me. We stopped in Mesquite to have dinner, and talked of our excitement. At this point it was still surreal. Although our flight did not leave until 4am on Wednesday, we decided to have an adventure and sleep in the air port! This seemed like a brilliant adventure...that was until we realized there would be no real sleeping! We watched the bachelorette, and attempted getting cozy on the airport floor. It would not have been so bad, but it was freezing!! Of course none of us had jackets, due to the fact we were going to Mexico. So we just roughed it. It was a memory, and will probably never be repeated haha! A bonus to getting there so early, was that we were one of the first to check in.  We were able to grab some food, and relax as we waited to board our plane. Our first flight was to Miami Fl. We had a good amount of time for our lay over..or so we thought, so we decided to get lunch. Jeff had not been feeling to good, and Gavin & Gina wanted Chinese. Jeff decided that would not go over to well with his stomach, so we opted for a salad and sandwich. As Jeff and I were finishing up I saw this guy running frantically towards the terminals. In my head I thought "poor guy is going to miss his flight". So Jeff and I began our walk to our terminal, still blissfully thinking we had plenty of time. As we got on the escalator we got a call from Gavin he told us that they had said last call. So Jeff and I panic...well mostly me, this is why we are good for each other. He has the ability to stay calm in chaos, and I have the ability to freak out for the both of us!! So we started running to our terminal, and we thought it was just on the next floor. We realized in order to get to our terminal we had to take a tram! So at this point I have decided we missed our flight. I was numb! I could not believe this was happening. As we were exiting the tram we get another call from Gavin, he asks where we are. We told him we were getting off the tram. He told us we better hurry, because they have closed the doors!! Some how we made it just in time. We got in and took our seats, and guess who I see?!? The guy who was frantically running to his terminal. I had to laugh. After calming down, we were able to get some sleep. As our plane started to descend into Mexico it became real. I was so excited!!! Exiting the plane you could immediately feel the humidity. We were so ready for the ocean. We took a cab to our resort. As we pulled into the area we were all thinking this is okay. We passed a few resorts, and thought we had a clue of what ours would look like. We were wrong!! Our resort was the last resort, and by far THE nicest. It was gorgeous. We were all in awe. We were greeted we a champagne class filled with orange juice and grenadine. They took our luggage for us, and we felt like royalty. After getting checked in, we decided to go look at our rooms. As we entered our room the first thing we noticed was the 2 full beds. We had reserved a king. Jeff is kinda big, and a full would not be comfortable for a week. But other than that the room was nice. We got settled in, and met Gavin and Gina for dinner. The food was incredible. All you can eat, and never ending pina coladas!!! This was my kind of place. By this time it was dark, so we could not get a good view of the resort, or the ocean. But that did not stop us from walking along the beach. We called it a night, and decided to meet in the morning. 
The first morning there we knew we needed to do something about the room. Jeff called the front desk, and asked if we could switch. They told us to come to the desk at 1 to see if a room was available. Afterwards we went to breakfast, and our breath was taken away at the beauty that we were surrounded by. We could not believe we got to stay for an entire week!!!! The food at breakfast was just as good as it was at dinner. My favorite was the yogurth(really yogurth not yogurt) We are unsure if it was a typo or a kind of yogurt. That day we snorkeled, and just chilled. Jeff and I went to the front desk, and thankfully they had an open room. The staff came and had our bags all moved. As we were opening the door the gentleman helping us with our luggage said "this is the best room". He was not lying. It was gorgeous. It was a corner room, and had an amazing view. We were soo excited. I made sure to get my sheets cleaned daily, even though Jeff did not seem to think it was necessary. I insisted!! This was the one time I could have a clean bed every night, you bet I was going to take it!! The resort had all kinds of games and entertainment. There were all kinds of different people, and it was so fun getting to hear where everyone was from. I made sure to get a pina colada every chance I got! We did a ton of snorkeling. We got to ride a catamaran, and take canoes out. We got to lie on the beach, read,play volley ball, and much much more. At night time we would usually go to "the crepary". They had such amazing crepes. We fell in love with our server Kayla. She was so sweet. One time I was taking pictures of our crepe's, and forgot to put Jeff's phone back into my bag. We went to the show, and I soon realized I had left it. Earlier in the day Jeff and I, had went to workout in the gym. He was helping me adjust the treadmill, and the earphones on our ipod got yanked. The ipod went crashing to the ground. Jeff started to slow his machine down, and I really thought nothing of it. I did see two employees leave that had been cleaning up, as Jeff got off his machine to get the ipod. I got off my machine to see if I could help. We looked every where the ipod was gone!! We went and talked to the front desk, and nothing had been turned in. So we think the maintenance people snatched it! We hardly used it anyhow, but it just confirmed how careful we had to be with our things  So when I realized I had left Jeff's phone I was sure it was gone! I immediately went running to find it. I went to the crepary, and before I could find Kayla. She saw me, and went to go get Jeff's phone!! She was an angel!! 
We went on one excursion to Talum, and Xaleha. Talum is Maya ruins, and has a gorgeous beach. We got to learn a ton about the mian culture. We decided next time we will get an LDS guide, so we can get a better idea of what exactly these buildings could have been. After we went to Xaleha, it is an inlet. It has great snorkeling, zip lining, cliff jumping, and a ton of other things. We spent the majority of our day there. It was a blast. While we were snorkeling we saw a ton of awesome fish! Jeff and Gavin actually got to touch a sting ray! It was amazing. Our trip could not have been more perfect, and plan on doing another one.  The last two days I was so childrensick. Any baby I saw, I just wanted to grab. I was so ready to see my babies.  I have never been so scared on a plane as I was coming home. I think I was so anxious to see my girls, I had convinced myself something would go wrong with the plane!! Any kind of turbulence, and I would lose it haha. Lets just say I have never been so happy to be on land. We drove home from Vegas, and met Jeff's mom at Gavin and Gina. Sydney was soooo excited to see us, it was the best. Sadie on the other hand was a little confused, and it took her a minute to warm up to me. Grandma had been her mom!! We are so grateful for her, and all of her help. This trip would not have been possible without her! As we were getting the girls in there car seat's they started to panic. They thought we were leaving them again!! It melted my heart. So of course we had to go get a treat, and where do you think we went? McDonalds's of course!! We got a happy meal and a ice cream cone. Sydney and Sadie played. I get not be happier to be back with my family. This trip really made me appreciate my girl's. I think everyone needs to get away, just to realize how great kids are. This trip could not have come at a more perfect time. Everything was coming to a peak, and I needed a release. This trip did it, and I feel as though I can take on another year!!

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