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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Biggest Loser

 The title of this post may be "The Biggest Loser", but we feel like The biggest winners. Jeff heard of a job opening, at The Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge. . We heard about this during seminary, and decided to follow through with an application. We wanted to keep our options open. At this point Jeff and I were unsure about seminary. Although he was enjoying the time to study the gospel, and teach. We just felt something was not right. Well the time came where Jeff was to be observed. Before this day, Jeff loved putting together lessons. Jeff is amazing at a lot of thing's, and teaching is one of these thing's. So the lesson's for the first few days came easy, and were accepted well by the students. The day came he was to be observed. For some reason he was unable to get the lesson to flow. He stayed up all night, and prepared as much as he could the day of. He went to teach the lesson,  just like preparing, he could not get it going. Jeff felt discouraged, and confused as to why this was happening. At the end of the lesson, Jeff talked to the Brother who observed. Jeff knew at this point we did not get this job. Although we were discouraged, we felt this was right. Shortly after Jeff got a call, from The Biggest Loser. They wanted to interview Jeff. After a few interviews Jeff got the job. We are so grateful for this opportunity. I am so proud of Jeff, and the hard worker he is. He is an amazing provider, Father, and husband. Jeff had the chance to do a week at the Fitness Ridge. He had a great time, and learned so much.

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