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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two to Three, and there is only 1 me!!

It is official. I have three kids!! I love them all dearly sometimes always. I wish I could sit here and discreetly brag about just how awesome I am, and how life with 3 is a breeze. Sadly this blog is to remember the good the bad, and the ugly. So I will admit my life got turned upside down. I totally had two kids down, so I thought to myself “what's one more kid”?  Poor little naive me. Life is can be a challenge. I am learning daily how to be the best mom I can be. With that, my house is rarely clean. Dishes are constantly in the sink, laundry is a dreaded task, and showering….well that’s basically non existent. There are moments when I feel like I am getting somewhere, and than a second later BAM, I am once again drowning. Things are getting much much better. The first few weeks were a struggle. Sydney watched a lot of T.V, and Sadie cried a lot. I would go to bed and toss and turn with guilt ridden thoughts. I knew I could do better, I wanted to do better. Slowly I have come to realize the power of prayer in parenting. I could not have done it without prayer. I know I am being blessed with the strength I need daily. Sydney & and Sadie are such sweet kids. They have been so patient, and have accepted Scarlett with open arms. The girls are learning to read that when I begin twitching it is a good sign to listen. Grocery shopping has become an excellent work out. I had no clue how heavy the grocery cart would be with one more. I use to get pleasant smiles, and compliments on my girls. Now I swear I can hear peoples jaws dropping, as I pass them through grocery aisles. The girls and I have learned to smile, and keep on singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as if no one is watching. Through this all I have learned I am strong. I can do anything with the help of my Heavenly Father, and my amazing husband. We are so blessed. This time may be one of the hardest, but I would not change it for a thing. We are truly so blessed. I love all of my girls with all my heart, and even in my most trying moment, I can look into their eyes, and forget all the worries in the world. They are all that matter. This past week I had a doctors appointment, and Jeff and I had agreed, the night before that he would meet me in town, and take the girls home. It would work out perfectly. The day had gone way smooth, and I made sure to get all the things done so I could meet Jeff on time. As I got up to grab Sydney, and Sadie, Scarlett decided she was hungry. So I decided to feed her. Scarlett took longer than expected to eat, by the time I was done I had 30 minutes until my doctors appointment. I hurried and put Scarlett in her car seat, and ran to go get Sydney, and Sadie. I had to wake them up from there naps so they  both had some good bed head going on. I thought “it’s okay Jeff is just going to take them back home”. So as we are headed out the door I realize Sydney, and Sadie had left there shoes somewhere outside. I had no time to spare, and I knew I needed to get going. Again I thought “it’s okay Jeff is just going to take the girls home”. So off we went, bed head, and no shoes. I knew we were going to be a bit late meeting Jeff, but there was no way to get a hold of him, my phone was dead, and the charger had broke. I still had faith everything would be fine. When I got to the spot Jeff and I had agreed to meet at, to my dismay he was no where to be found. With my time quickly dissolving, I knew I had to just go to the doctors. I had hope that Jeff forgot to meet us here, and just went to the doctors. Now let me just add, any normal person would have just called it a day, and skipped the doctors appointment. Well we live pretty far from my doctors, and there was no way I wanted to re do all of this. So we pull up to the doctors, and to my horror, Jeff is no where to be found. I took a deep breath, and thought through, all the odd looks I would get. There and than I decided “who cares”, and off we went. No shoes, and really good bed head. We walked into the doctors office like we owned the place. I was able to use the offices phone, and give my handsome hubby a call. When he picked up, I knew I could not be mad. He was so sorry. He said he had totally lost track of time, and that he was on his way. Thankfully our knight and shinning armor saved the day, and got there just as my name was called. I have learned to go with the flow, and just try my best. I can look back at this story, and laugh. I truly believe with my attitude, the situation was not that big of a deal. With 3 kids, I know I have to have a good attitude, and find joy in what I have been blessed to be/do!!


  1. I love this! 2 to 3 is definitely a big jump I am quickly learning. I love the doctor story; you are adorable!

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  3. You are such a great, loving mom and wife. You are doing an awesome job, especially with three cute little girls so close together. I am seriously in awe of you! Also, I hope this doesn't sound bad, but in a way it's comforting knowing I'm not the only one who can't keep her house clean all the time. :-)

  4. You are doing a great job! Just enjoy those sweet moments:)