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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scarlett *Darlin* 1 Month

Where do I even start!! Scarlett you have changed our family for the better. You have such a presence about you. You are totally my old soul. You are so alert, and were smiling on cue at about a month and a half. From day one yu held your head! Constantly you want to look around, and be involved in all things. Your poor tummy has given you some troubles, but I am usually able to calm you down by my voice. Daddy is completely in love with you. You love him just as much. When you sleep you laugh, almost every time. It is the cutest little squeak I have ever heard. So of course your nickname was born “squeaks”. You are so dear to us that a lot of the time we call you Darlin. You have two older sisters that love you oh so much!! Sadie at times will love you too hard at times, but know it is in the best of intention!! Sydney calls you her squeaks, and loves when you give her smiles.   Sadie thinks your pretty great as well. You love baths!! I have never seen a baby who loves baths as much as you! Not only do you love baths, but you love the sound of running water. When I get ready, I put you in your bouncer, and turn on water. You will sit as calm as can be, as long as the water is running. When you eat you click your tongue when you eat, and your latch did not feel right. So I took you to a specialist, and we found out you were a little tongue tied, and your top lip was unable to open all the way. We had to clip under your tongue, and the inside of your top lip. You were such a champ, and only cried for a bit. I was able to nurse you right after, and you calmed right down. You have been a constant joy to our family. We are so blessed to have such a sweet little spirit, join our family!!

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