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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sadie Dawn Roberts

This is pretty delayed.Better late than never,right?
I think I cheated! It honestly felt like I did not
Even have a baby!!
So It all started on May 3. My doctor was going out of
town, and did not want to miss my delivery. So I went
in to get my membranes stripped. I was thinking this
was not going to help, because they did this with
Sydney and NOTHING happened. With Sadie I was progressing.
When my doctor stripped my membranes I was at a 3 1/2, not
going to lie I was pretty excited about that.
My doctor was determined not to miss this, so he told
me if I had any type of contraction to go in to labor and delivery.
In my head I was thinking nothing was happen.And even if I did go in
I would just get sent home.
I went over to my friends house to finish up the baby blanket,
I was making. Throughout the time there, I was having mild
contractions. Nothing to bad, but enough that I was uncomfortable.
I told my friends about them, and they were convinced I was going to have
this baby. For some reason I was not ready to really believe it was going
to happen. So I left my friends house, and went home. Jeff's birthday was
the next day, and his grandparents wanted to take him out to dinner. We decided
to go that night just in case something did happen. Throughout dinner I was
having pretty regular contractions. I told Jeff and we decided we better
start getting things together. We left dinner with his grandparents, and went
over to his other grandparents to say hi. I went to the restroom there and
noticed I was bleeding. That scared me a bit, and I knew we had to go in soon.
I told Jeff, and his grandma. They said I should probably go get checked. She told
me if I wanted to be admitted I better start acting like I was in more
Pain ha. I honestly was not in any pain. His grandparents said we
could drop Sydney off there while we went and got checked.
We went home and got Sydney's thing together and took
her back to Jeff's grandparents. I had Jeff
take Sydney in, because if I was
admitted this would be the first time I Left
Sydney over night, and I knew I would break down. Jeff and
I then went to Target to get some woman things. Of course as
we are checking out, a boy got in line behind us that was one
of Jeff's EFY boys!! I could have died. We both just laughed. The
lady checking us out was amazed that I was probably in labor, but
shopping at Target!!
We than headed over to Labor and Delivery. They had me get into
a gown and pee in a cup, and hooked me up to monitors.
My contractions were not constant, but because I was bleeding
they could not check to see if my water broke, because
this could cause infection. They did check to see how dilated
I was and I was at a 7 1/2!! I could not believe it. I was
way excited. They told me they would go ahead and admit
me. Jeff and I could not believe all this was happening.
I had gone over 3 days with Sydney, and here we were 2 weeks
early! Jeff went home to get his stuff, and finalize where
Sydney would stay. Jenny took Sydney out to Jeff's other grandma,
to stay the night. It is pretty neat that Sydney has 2 great grandmas
so close, and well enough to babysit her! We could not have done
It without them! While Jeff was gone My nurse started me on a tiny
bit of potocin to get my contractions consistent. Than my doctor
came in, and broke my water. That was the weirdest feeling!! Jeff came back
and he was so ready. He was well prepared for a long night haha. We called
mom and told her to head on up. She was thinking this would take
a while, since Sydney took FOREVER. My sister called and said she wanted
to come, and I could not be more excited! So she headed up too. I was starting
to feel a little bit uncomfortable with all the water under me. I told my nurse, who might I just add was AMAZING. Jeff and I have come to the conclusion
that we don't just get nurses we get angels! We have been so
blessed with such great nurses. So anyhow she came to change me pad,
and goes "oh my goodness, did you pee"?! I laughed and said I don't think so.
When she lifted up the pad you could see she had to put a bit of effort
to lift it up! She said I had lost all my water, and she should probably
check me. She told me I was at a 8 and asked I would like an epidural.
I was having some major contractions, and honestly I was sick of it
and wanted the epidural asap! I got my epidural, but it really was
not working. At that time Mom, and Katherine showed up. It was perfect
timing. I told my nurse I was still in quite a bit of pain. She said that
made her a bit nervous, and said I was probably fully dilated. Sure enough
I was at a ten, and the epidural was not able to catch up. She called the doctor.
We called Jenny and told her to get to the hospital. The nurse put a mirror so I could watch what was going on, and told me to do a practice
push. I did just that, but right away they saw the head! She told me
to stop, and that was not easy!! Thankfully The doctor walked in, and so
did Jenny. My Doctor was being friendly and saying hello, and my nurse said,
"If you want to deliver this baby you better get your gloves on"! He looked at me and said "OH"! Hurried and put his gloves on and I pushed a few more times.
And there she was!! Sadie Dawn Roberts! She was beautiful! Her head was normal,
and her cheeks were huge! They laid her on my chest, and it was
instant love all over again. I was kinda wondering why
they were letting her stay on me for so long, because with Sydney
she got taken away pretty quick. I was not about to ask because I
was soaking up this beautiful moment. She had such dark hair, and looked
a bit Asian because her cheeks were squsishing her eyes!! I love her so much.
It was such a great experience!! Oh I forgot to mention, she was Jeff's
Birthday present??!! Yup, thats right she was born on her daddy's birthday!!
Jeff was a little hesitant at first, but would not have it any other

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  1. Oh what a beautiful story! I really how things just get easier with each child lol. I love your girls names btw