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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I am horrible at this thing, but I am going to try and improve. So much has happened since the last blog. Sydney Terese Roberts was born April tenth seven pounds four ounces and twenty inches. She has been such a joy. Being a mom can be pretty demanding. I am learning as I go. I was in labor for a good thirteen hours and pushed for about 4 hours. She was facing the wrong way so they kept trying to get her to turn. Towards the end we were not sure if I would be able to deliver naturally, but with prayer and perseverance she came. She even turned all by herself. The doctor was pretty busy that day so she sat in my birth canal for 25 mins so when she came out she looked pretty scary. I was so happy that I somehow was able to block out the chaos in the room durning her first few minutes. Not until after did I realize how tense it had gotten. I am enjoying not being pregnant. People said I would miss it, but honestly I do not. I am starting to run again in the mornings and it feels amazing. Sydney is growing more and more each day. She has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. She is my angel. I am so blessed that everything turned out okay. This is just the beginning to my blogging, I promise I will be better.

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