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Monday, October 3, 2011

Sadie 4 Months

My baby is 4 Months!!!! YIKES! This month has been my favorite so far! Sydney was pretty much a great baby, and so I think I took how for granite how nice it was. Sadie, bless her heart. Was not always the easiest baby, but I am truly appreciating the sweet baby she is becoming. She has come such a far way! She had some bad tummy aches. Sadie now loves to smile, and loves her mom. Sydney has always been a daddy's girl, but Sadie loves her mom. I love her so much. Her smile melts my heart, and makes any day, a GREAT day! Sadie has begun to smile, and laugh so much. She has always been such a big talker, and still loves to tell stories. Sadie goes to bed at 9, and wakes up, exactly at 8:15. She will eat, and be patient for a little bit. If I try, and lay in bed for too long, should gets a little bossy! Sydney wakes up at 9 thirtyish, so we wait for her. We then go down, and eat breakfast all together. Sadie will go back to bed at 10:30 and sleep for an hour. Than her and Sydney go to bed at 1, and usually take a three hour nap. Life is good. I have been blessed with great sleepers. Sadie sat up this month! She can roll from her back to tummy, but is still pretty stationary. I am totally fine with this. I hope it last for a bit longer. Sadie loves Sydney so much, and watches her so closely. Our favorite thing is the bumbo! I honestly do not know how I would function without out it! It is pretty funny, because Sydney likes to sit in Sadie's Bumbo, and can get out no problem. Sadie, on the other hand, her thighs get stuck always!!! I prayed for a chubby baby, and my prayers were heard. She has the cutest, big bootie!! I am so in love with it!!! She is becoming more content, to just sit, and watch. Sadie you are such a beautiful baby! I cannot wait to see what this next month will bring!!

Funny story from this picture! So I left Sadie, in her diaper. I heard Sydney whispering, and was curious what she was doing. So I went, and found Sydney, had taken Sadie's diaper off!!!

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